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Cash (2007) WEBRip [1080p-720p] Hindi x264 AAC DD5.1

Cash 2007

Cash 2007

Cash 2007: Two groups of thieves put their best foot forward to pull off the successful heist of a precious diamond. However, they soon get caught in an intricate web of murder and deceit.

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Language – Hindi




Cash 2007

The film begins with Danny meeting (Zayed Khan) Reha (Ayesha Takia) on an aeroplane.They soon become friends.Danny begins to narrate a tale about a diamond.This story is actually a story from his past. He tells her about this diamond that was discovered by a South Indian miner in 1836.The miner present this diamond to his king. The king gifted this diamond to British viceroy, but during sailing to Britain viceroy ship was sunk into ocean. After 100 year a fisherman gets the diamond and again present this diamond to his master.

The master break it into three pieces and distribute it among his three sons. One son lost diamond in gambling, another one lost when a general fetch diamond from second son and the last brother lost it when he was murdered. In 1994, two of them again recover and save in Belgium museum but no one knows where is third one until a gujarati diamond business man call to South Africa high commission security manager Shanaya (Shamita Shetty). But business man lost it when some goons fetch diamond from him by preplanned car accident.

Uncle who is diamond thief and illegal businessman of diamond thief two of them diamond from Belgium museum by his goon Angad (Suniel Shetty). Because Angad was attempted to assassinated by uncle, in order to take revenge, Angad makes a deal with uncle to give last diamond in exchange of money.

Here Shanaya made a plan to catch the roberer robs third diamond by plant his own dealer of third diamond. Here Karan (Ajay Devgan) boyfriend of Shanaya impose himself as a writer but actually he is planner mastermind of technology (ex. engineer), who can hack, develop drone bombs & toy bombs, made a plan to divert police in which he call Danny and Lucky (Riteish Deshmukh) from India. Danny is a water surfer while Lucky is a skatter.

Karan made a plan to divert police by keep them busy in thief of painting in art exhibition for which he plant Lucky and Danny, while Karan gets success in thief of money from police but they can’t use money because all were marked money.


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