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Escape Plan 2 Hades (2018) BluRay x264 [1080p-720p] [Hindi DD2.0 + English] AAC ESUBS

Escape Plan 2 Hades 2018

Escape Plan 2 Hades 2018

Escape Plan 2 Hades 2018: Years after he fought his way out of an inescapable prison, Ray Breslin has organized a new top-notch security force. But when one of his team members goes missing, Breslin must return to the hell he once escaped from.

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Language – Hindi+English




Escape Plan 2 Hades 2018

Ray Breslin continues to operate his security company to some success, with senior members Hush and Abigail and newcomers Shu Ren, Jasper Kimbral, and Luke Graves as field operators. During a hostage rescue mission in Chechnya, Kimbral, trusting his computer algorithms, deviates from the mission objectives. This results in one of the hostages being shot, later dying of her wounds, and Breslin fires Kimbral.

A year later, Shu is contacted by his family to protect his cousin Yusheng Ma. Soon to announce groundbreaking satellite communications technology from his telecommunications company, Yusheng has been targeted by a rival company, Ruscho. After attending a party in Bangkok, Shu defends Yusheng from masked men, but both are stunned with M-26 military-grade tasers and kidnapped.

Later, Shu finds himself imprisoned in an unknown arena, where inmates are forced to fight. Shu is forced to brawl another prisoner and wins, and encounters fellow inmate Kimbral, who explains the prison is called Hades, where he has been held for several months. Luke, Hush, Abigail, and Breslin attempt to locate Shu after his and Yusheng’s disappearance.

Drawing on Breslin’s training to formulate an escape plan, Shu meets the warden Gregor Faust, who calls himself the “Zookeeper”, and learns that Faust wants Yusheng’s communications patents in exchange for their release. Yusheng tells Shu that he buried the technology for fear it could be used to hijack any nuclear launch system in the world, and they resolve to escape.

Breslin determines that Hades is funded by the same mysterious organization who funded the Tomb, and seeks help from an old contact, Trent DeRosa. While following a lead on Shu’s disappearance, Luke is caught and transferred to Hades.

Shu befriends the prison cook and learns that the prison layout changes every night. Kimbral reveals that another inmate, a hacker known as Count Zero, knows the layout. Shu earns his trust and Count Zero gives him the information, but in doing so reveals his identity. The following day, Shu, Luke, and Kimbral are brought in for questioning and forced to watch as Count Zero is presumably executed. Kimbral reveals that he actually runs Hades; in the year since being dismissed from Breslin’s team, he designed and built Hades to prove his algorithms work and that his prison is literally inescapable, since it is not operated by human guards but rather by an automatic system.

Breslin and DeRosa find clues revealing Kimbral’s connection to Hades. Knowing Kimbral is out for revenge, Breslin allows himself to be captured and sent to Hades. Using a hidden communication device in his tooth, Breslin stays in contact with Hush while attempting to breach the prison’s defenses from the inside. Breslin, Shu, and Luke formulate a new plan while enlisting the help of Yusheng, the cook, Count Zero’s friends, and other inmates.

They manage to disable the prison’s security cameras and, with Hush’s help, temporarily shut down Galileo, the prison’s automated defense system. They break into the medical center and attempt to gain control of the prison’s systems and get to the control room. The Zookeeper responds with an armed force, and in the ensuing shootout, several inmates are killed and the group becomes separated. DeRosa, following his own leads, locates the prison from the outside.

Yusheng overrides the prison’s power systems, alerting DeRosa to the prison’s entrance and allowing him to break in. Searching for an exit, Shu kills the Zookeeper in a knife fight as Luke and DeRosa converge on the control room. Breslin faces off with Kimbral in hand-to-hand combat while DeRosa rescues Luke from the prison guards. Breslin defeats Kimbral and together with DeRosa disables Galileo for good. Shu and Yusheng find an exit and are safely extracted by Abigail and Hush. Breslin is contacted by the group behind Hades, and vows to track them down and expose them.



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