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Jarsey (2019) 720p HDRip Hindi Dubbed x264 AAC ESub

Jarsey 2019

Jarsey 2019

A failed cricketer decides to revive his cricketing career in his late 30’s despite everyone being skeptical of his ability to do so.

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Language – Hindi




Jarsey 2019

The movie starts in 2019 in New York City, where a young man buys a book called Jersey from a book stall but later gives it to woman who came to the same stall to buy the book. He is then told that the last copy was just sold. When the woman asks for the reason behind him giving the book to her, the man replies that the book was written after the life of his father, Arjun (Nani).

The movie moves back to 1986, where Arjun is an immensely talented Ranji player who is in love with Sarah (Shraddha Srinath). Arjun eventually quits cricket after being rejected into the Indian Team continuously because of game politics. He is given a government job in sports quota. However, he loses his job after being accused of bribery.

10 years later in 1996, Arjun is 36 years old but is jobless and is always scolded by Sarah, now his wife for not consulting a lawyer to get his job back as he was innocent. Their seven-year-old son Nani (Ronit Kamra), who represents his school cricket team, asks Arjun to gift him an Indian jersey on his birthday. He promises his son to buy the Indian jersey and comes to know that it costs ₹500.

Despite the lack of money, Arjun promises his son to buy the jersey by his birthday. Arjun consults a lawyer (Rao Ramesh) for his job but is told that he cannot get his job back until he pays the lawyer. Left with no option, Arjun starts asking money from his friends to buy the jersey but is unsuccessful.

Arjun is consulted by his ex-coach Murthy (Sathyaraj), who says that a charity match between Hyderabad cricket team and New Zealand is being conducted in Hyderabad. Murthy convinces Arjun to play in that match by telling Arjun that he would be given a job of an assistant coach based on his performance and will get ₹1000 as match fee. Arjun agrees to play. He gives a wonderful performance in the match but later realises that there is no match fee. A depressed Arjun slaps Nani when he asks for the jersey. However, he later realises his son’s love for him.

Arjun decides that he will start playing cricket again and with a strong will to represent the Indian Cricket Team. He informs Murthy about it, who is first shocked but eventually supports him. Arjun attends the Hyderabad Ranji team selection trials and starts giving an immensely wonderful batting performance. The Hyderabad coach, Ramappa Gowda (Sampath Raj), is consulted by the Hyderabad Cricket Association head (Jayaprakash) for selections for the Ranji Trophy. Ramappa tells the BCCI head about Arjun’s talent.

Initially disagreeing because of his age, Arjun is later selected into the Ranji team after his consistent excellent performances. Arjun starts representing the team and plays exceptionally good cricket. He deals with boundaries always in a four-day match and is told to concentrate on his physical fitness. However, Arjun continues his boundary streak and leads his team to the final.

He eventually wins back the love of his wife after a few family moments. In the finals, Hyderabad team is stuck in tough situation. Arjun, who mostly deals with sixes and fours, takes singles and doubles and leads the team single-handedly to victory but collapses after the match.

The movie goes back to 2019, where an adult Nani (Harish Kalyan) (the man who bought the book at the beginning) and Sarah are invited to a felicitation ceremony of Arjun in a hotel. Lots of people get to know about Arjun’s story from the book Jersey. It is told that after the Ranji trophy final, Arjun got selected into the Indian Team.

Nani is given a gift, which he opens to know that it is the Indian jersey that he asked his father 23 years ago. Nani then reveals that Arjun had a heart ailment called arrhythmia, which was the reason for him leaving cricket in 1986. Arjun died in the hospital two days after the Ranji final.


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