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Mission Kashmir (2000) WEBRip [1080p-720p] Hindi x264 AAC ESUBS

Mission Kashmir 2000

Mission Kashmir 2000

A police officer accidentally kills a family in Kashmir, and decides to adopt the sole survivor, a young boy named Altaaf, but when Altaaf grows up he finds out how he came to live with the officer and runs away, only to return years later seeking revenge.

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Language – Hindi




Mission Kashmir 2000 Plot

Inayat Khan is the Senior Superintendent of Police responsible for the security of Srinagar, Kashmir. One day, his young son Irfaan meets an accident and is taken to a hospital, but due to a fatwa instigated by the leader of a terrorist group forbidding doctors to treat policemen and their families, the doctors refuse to treat Irfaan who succumbs to his injuries. In revenge, Inayat Khan and his men manage to attack and kill all the terrorists hiding in the village of Dalgate.

A family caught in the crossfire is killed by accident. A young boy named Altaaf is the only family member who survives the shooting and is left traumatized by his families death and haunted by the memory of the masked policeman (who is Khan himself). Khan’s wife Neelima, feeling sorry for Altaaf, attempts to persuade Khan to adopt Altaaf. Despite fearing that Altaaf may one day discover the truth and get revenge for it, Khan reluctantly agrees as he is wracked with remorse for killing Altaaf’s family.Mission Kashmir 2000

Just when Altaaf seems to have settled down in his new home and accepted Khan and Neelima as his new parents, he finds Khan’s mask and realizes that Khan was one of the policemen who killed his family. After an unsuccessful attempt on Khan’s life, the young Altaaf runs away and is found and brought up by a terrorist group led by their Pathan leader Hilal Kohistani, who brainwashes him into thinking that he and his men act according to Islamic principles and trains him to become a terrorist.Mission Kashmir 2000

Ten years later, Hilal and an adult Altaaf are assigned the task of completing “Mission Kashmir,” a plan of an unnamed terrorist sponsor that involves; or so Altaaf is told, killing the Indian Prime Minister. Hilal uses Altaaf’s hatred as a means to achieve his own goals while encouraging the latter to target Khan, who is now an Inspector General, for his family’s death.Mission Kashmir 2000

Altaaf visits his childhood friend and television personality Sufiya Parvez and, though he falls in love with her, uses her to try and make Hilal’s plan of blowing up the local TV tower of Srinagar on Khan’s birthday successful. He makes another unsuccessful attempt on Khan’s life, which results in him being branded as a wanted criminal by the media and a fallout between Khan and Neelima.Mission Kashmir 2000

Sufiya also learns of Altaaf’s true occupation and breaks off her relationship with him. On the same date that Atlaaf’s family was murdered, Altaaf makes another attempt on Khan by having three of Hilal’s men plant a bomb in Khan’s briefcase. Unfortunately, Neelima falls victim to it by accident, much to the complete devastation of both Khan and Altaaf, with the former having lost his chance to apologize for his argument with her and the latter screaming in remorseful agony for killing her.Mission Kashmir 2000

Eventually, Khan manages to invade one of the terrorists’ hideouts and discovers evidence and information about Mission Kashmir after capturing the bomb-briefcase men. After going through some cassette tapes with the help of Sufiya, Khan realises that the true goal of Mission Kashmir is to launch missiles on local places of Hindu and Muslim worship to escalate Hindu-Muslim conflict across the subcontinent, thereby dividing Kashmir and turning it into a war zone.Mission Kashmir 2000

It also turns out that the attack on the TV tower was planned by Hilal to spread the rumor of assassinating the Prime Minister to cover up the true plot. Khan also realises that Hilal deliberately kept the true plot of Mission Kashmir a secret from Altaaf for he fear that Altaaf would not support it. This is made evident when Atlaaf leaves to the swampy hideouts to prepare for the launches, Hilal secretly tells one of his men to keep an eye on Atlaaf and kill him if he doesn’t consent over the true targets.

By staging a fire in the jail that allows one of the bomb-briefcase men to escape, Khan and his men manage to track down and capture Hilal. Khan offers to make a deal with Hilal: going under the false pretense of allowing Hilal and his men to continue forward with Mission Kashmir in exchange for killing Altaaf to avenge Neelima’s death. Seeing that Khan’s ‘hatred’ of Altaaf is worthy of a Pathan’s duty, Hilal accepts the deal, and to ensure no other mistake will be made, Khan goes alone with Hilal to the hideouts.


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