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Verna (2017) 720p HDTVRip Urdu x264 AAC

Verna 2017

Verna 2017

Verna is a 2017 Pakistani social-drama film; written, directed and produced by Shoaib Mansoor under his Shoman Productions. The film stars Mahira Khan and debutants Haroon Shahid, Zarrar Khan and Naimal Khawar. Pre-production began in October 2016, and most of the principal photography took place in Islamabad.
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Language – Urdu




Verna 2017

Verna is a story of a happy couple, Sara and Aami, a disabled man. Sara and Aami were enjoying a great time at the park with Aami’s sister, Mahgul. While at the park, a black SUV stops and the men inside the SUV attempt to take Mahgul away. However, to protect her, Sara goes herself. 3 days later, the men drop her to her house. Sara tells her family she was raped and begs them to tell the police, but they knew nothing will happen and stay silent. Sara tells them that staying silent will not help.

The rapist keeps sending gifts to Sara and telling her to leave the disabled man and marry him. Aami takes Sara’s situation in a wrong way, and their marriage starts to fall apart. Sara tells Aami to leave her alone for several days. Sara talks to her friend, who is a lawyer. Together, they try to solve this case of getting her justice.

After a sequence of events, Sara calls her rapist and asks to meet him. They get together and eventually, she goes on “a date” with the rapist named Sultan. She finds out from seeing pictures at his house that Sultan is the son of the Governor, who is running for the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The reason for Sara’s rape is found out. It flashes back to when the Governor was visiting a school, which blocked several roads, one which Aami, Sara, and Mahgul were on. They were on their way to the park,

but Sara lost her patience and went up the governor saying, “This is unfair how you are blocking the roads. We aren’t your servants.” This angered the Governor, which leads to the rape. Using evidence, Sara brings this case to court. However, with the power of dirty politics, Sultan destroys evidence. Sara and her family are threatened and bribed by Sultan’s family and his political partners to leave to Dubai or else things will become horrible. Despite the pressure, they decide to stay.

One day, Sara’s dad commits suicide in the basement and apologizes to the family, believing he was a disgrace. Sara’s mom flees to America. Sara becomes angry of this. This led to Aami and her reuniting after Aami understands what a rape victim has to go through. Sara, Mahgul, and Aami sneak into Sultan’s residence. While he is on his boat, Aami swims and hits him with a bat. Sultan goes unconscious and gets dragged to shore to be kidnapped by Sara. They lock him up next to Sara’s dad.

When Sultan gains consciousness, Sara locks him in a casket. A sequence of events leads to Sultan having no chance to escape. Sara uses Sultan’s voice and texts from his phone that he is ashamed of what he did and he flees. Sultan is trapped in the basement till death. Sara finally gets her own justice, even though no one else helped her. Sara and Aami then go on a vacation together happily at the end.


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